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GolfSafe Travel Protection

Why buy Golfsafe travel protection?

Also known as travel insurance, travel protection is a safety net for the purchase of your trip. If anything should unfortunately go wrong before / during your trip, the protection is something you can fall back on. As not all travel protection is created equal, Golfsafe have created above par insurance with you the golfer in mind. With benefits like trip cancellation, loss of golf rounds, and much more, it is travel insurance that provides emergency assistance.

How does Golfsafe work?

Golf travel always has a set itinerary, marrying together your flights, transportation, accommodation and the reservation of tee times. If unforeseen events or reasons impact your round of golf, you will be reimbursed for your loss of round. 

Coverage for you…

Golfsafe protects you against costs incurred for unanticipated medical expenses, trip cancellation, and emergency evacuation. This way, you can focus solely on your trip without worrying over the implications of something going wrong. 

Coverage for your belongings...

Baggage, personal items, and golf equipment are all things you’ll likely be taking along with you. Golfsafe can reimburse you for the money spent on replacing items that are delayed, lost, damaged, or stolen. 

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When to buy travel protection?

Golfers should always purchase their travel protection when booking their trip. Why? Due to time sensitive provisions.

Most travel protection plans contain time sensitive provisions that broaden coverage when purchased in a timely manner. For GolfSafe, it is almost always within 21 days of your initial trip deposit for most benefits, but it may vary by state. As such, it is imperative you read your certificate.

Purchasing within the allotted window truly broadens the scope of your coverage. It gives you benefits such as the “pre-existing conditions waiver,” allows for your policy to provide coverage for bankruptcy or insolvency of a travel supplier, and enables you to qualify for the optional “cancel for any reason” benefit.

You won't have to worry about picking up the bar bill if your partner sinks a hole in one on your round. GolfSafe covers Golf Obligations providing you purchase your coverage within 24 hours of your first deposit so, you'll be eligible to reimburse the beverage expenses from the clubhouse. 

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A Professional's Tip!

Waiting until final payment of your golf tour is a mistake. Purchase your travel protection within the time sensitive window, and reap the benefits Golfsafe offers.  

What the travel protection covers…

· Trip Cancellation
· Trip Interruption
· Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance
· Lost Golf Rounds
· Golf Obligation
· Sports Equipment Rental 
· Missed Connection
· Optional Trip Cancellation for Any Reason
· Property Damage
· Air Flight Accidental Death & Dismemberment